It’s easy with Picton CrossFit!

New to CrossFit?

For people who have never been a part of a CrossFit class previously, you will need to complete a Starters Pack.

Pay for a one-off $95 starters pack and receive:

  • 2 foundation classes
  • Intro to Olympic lifting
  • Intro to basic gymnastic movements
  • 14 days free membership

The starters pack consists of two foundation classes with one of our skilled coaches. Classes can be completed individually, or with friends who also want to join! In these sessions you will be taught the foundation movements of CrossFit.

You will be introduced to Olympic Lifting as well as some basic gymnastics movements used. We will also introduce you to the range of equipment used in classes and teach you how to manoeuvre them safely.

After the foundations classes, and included in the starters pack is two weeks free membership so you can get a feel for the gym and become a part of the Picton CrossFit community. We encourage you to attend as many classes as you can in this time period to get the best results and feel for CrossFit.

Are you experienced in CrossFit?

If you have done CrossFit before and are looking for your new home box, we would love to have you drop in for a free trial session.

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